Stage 2 Boot Camp 1-2-1

  • So you have completed the Type 2 Detectives Boot Camp and hopefully had the chance to put a few aspects that you learnt during the day to good use, or at least now have the confidence to tackle any problems as they arise.

    Feedback from our Boot Camps has always been about understanding more about your own individual Volkswagen and the 1-2-1  Health Check does just that. You'll spend dedicated time evaluating your own air-cooled Volkswagen with a Type 2 Detectives technician. Being guided around the specifics of your own vehicle, whilst gaining  a clear evaluation, resulting in a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your Volkswagen.

    The 1-2-1's can also be used as a great benchmark against safety upgrades and modifications you may be considering, if it be upgrading brakes, suspension or any other aspect of your Volkswagen to improve its safety and reliability.

    For a limited time we are offering 1-2-1 Health checks at £150. Simply buy a voucher and we will call you to book your date in the diary. It's a great way to ensure your Volkswagen is in tip top shape for the year ahead.

    The 1-2-1 Health checks are exclusive to those that have attended the Type 2 Detectives Boot Camps.

  • Your 1-2-1 Health check will include:

    1. Initial road test
    2. Post road test discussion
    3. Full evaluation of the underside of your vehicle, covering:
    4. Checking electrical components and general wiring
    5. Front suspension inspection
    6. Steering inspection and thorough ball joint/king and link pin appraisal
    7. Rear Suspension inspection
    8. Various engine checks and inspection of engine bay components
    9. Checking of gear linkages and rear trans axle components
    10. Full brake visual inspection, including internal inspection of brake drums and readjustment
    11. Checking visible fuel hoses
    12. Question time, ask our expert questions relevant to your own vehicle whilst being guided through the inspection
    13. Written breakdown of all areas covered, with recommended resolution

    The 1-2-1 Health checks are exclusive to those that have attended the Type 2 Detectives Boot Camps.

  • We're centrally located in the village of Burwell in Cambridgeshire, around 25 minutes from the centre of historic Cambridge and 15 minutes from Newmarket.


    If you're looking for accomodation in the area, check out our FAQs for details.

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