Bus Boot Camp Maintenance Course April 23rd 2022

Our Bus Boot Camp VW maintenance course is ideal for anyone who owns a classic air-cooled Volkswagen, from beginners to those with more experience, whether camper van, Beetle or bus, split-screen or T2. We'll cover basic air-cooled maintenance, including servicing and emergency repairs, in a laid-back and friendly environment. Our team of experts will teach you all the skills you need to keep your classic VW safe and reliable and give you confidence when travelling in your pride and joy. Ideal for VW camper van owners, covering split-screen and T2 bay window buses.

This classic VW maintenance course runs from 8.30 until early to mid afternoon.

Each Bus Boot Camp maintenance course covers:

  • How to trace and repair basic electrical problems in your camper van or bus
  • An introduction to an air-cooled engine - what does what and why
  • How to service your air-cooled engine
  • Common component failures and how to avoid them
  • The most common oil leaks and how to fix them
  • Hands on sessions with camper vans and buses
  • Tour of the Type 2 Detectives workshop
  • An end of the day ‘Ask the Experts’ session
  • As well as numerous other tips and tricks
  • Perfect for owners of VW camper vans, whether T2 bay or split screen, Beetles, Karmann Ghia's and everything else Air-cooled VW.

  • Covid-19

    We are of course committed to providing a safe environment for the Boot Camp events, and so we are kindly asking that attendees to adopted a strict COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control policy, for the benefit of fellow Boot Camp attendees and the Type 2 Detectives team.

    We all know the drill by now and of course it is all common sense, but just for clarity;

    Please try and adhere to the 2m distance rule where possible and face masks are to be worn inside the building if you are within 2m of someone.

    Each attendee will have a designated table and chair for the day. 

    There are numerous hand sanitisers around the showroom and workshop please use them and please wash your hands regularly.

    Finally for the safety of everyone attending the Boot Camp and the Type 2 Detectives team, if you have any reason to believe that you should not be attending the Boot Camp because of a Covid-19 related symptom or you may have been at risk in the previous 14 days, please let us know and we will book you onto a future course.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Covid rules are subject to change. Please inform us at least 48 hours before the Boot Camp if you are unable to attend so we can ask another person to fill your space. Thank you